Towers Casino in California Shut Down After Reopening Before State Lifted Restrictions

Despite coronavirus restrictions still in place regarding gambling establishments and other entertainment venues, a casino in Northern California decided to go ahead and reopen. Towers Casino located in Grass Valley posted via social media and their website that they were back in business on Monday. One day later, agents from the state’s Department of Justice raided the facility, shutting them down.

Busting Up Casino Operations:

The incident was made public after several videos were posted on social media by guests and employees of the casino. In one video, an agent of the DOJ says it will not be a permanent closure but an emergency one.

According to…

Brandt Jeffrey, who is reportedly a poker dealer for the casino based on his Facebook profile, posted two videos earlier in the week, showing about six agents with police vests and surgical masks standing around the poker table. They explained to those onsite that they would have to stop their game and the facility must close.

In the video, it appears as though Jamey Robinson, the owner of the casino, is protesting the shutdown by speaking loudly. She states that the raid is unconstitutional. She pulled her mask down while speaking, stating she was shocked by the occurrence.

The owner counts everyone at the Towers Casino and says that with less than 15 people, counting employees and the agents, that the maximum amount is nowhere near being reached. The pr 7BALL CX operty is allowed 180 people. She then says the agents are increasing the transmission risk of the virus by coming to the facility from out of town.

Apparently, the Grass Valley Police Department had requested the facility shut down. However, the owner refused. According to the owner, she was cleared to open by the health officials in Nevada County.

When speaking to the agents, the owner is seen asking on the video why the entire property has to shut down. She also operates a bar and restaurant. The agents appear to give staff members a copy of the stay at home order as their answer.

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