Sportradar and EHF Sign a Decade-Long Partnership

The existing partnership between Sportradar and the EHF, related to the provision of technology solutions and aimed at protecting the integrity of the game, was extended for a decade.

Sportradar and EHF Sign off a Decade-Long Partnership to Battle Integrity Threats

Sportradar, which is a sports data technology supplier, and the European Handball Federation (EHF) have signed a deal that extends their existing collaboration. Their current partnership is set to last a decade more. This deal means that EHF competitions will be protected by the innovative solutions provided by Sportradar.

The monitoring of events and detection of any unusual betting activity will be done by the supplier’s Fraud Detection System. This means that Sportradar will monitor 10,000 matches and more in the next decade.

This collaboration will also support EHF’s intelligence program. The association and Sportradar’s Intelligence and Investigation Service will look into anyone who may be targeting EHF events.

Sportradar will conduct prevention workshops for players, teams, match officials, and stakeholders at EHF. The workshops will educate participants on the topic of integrity threats. They will learn how to detect them, what are the procedures, and protective measures against such activity.

This is a momentum for Sportradar as they signed a deal with NBL last December for broadcasting live matches and also providing integrity services. The company also signed another deal with the giant Amazon around the same time with the aim to deliver solutions for soccer game analysis and predictions.

Martin Hausleitner, EHF’s general secretary, stated that the EHF commits to protecting the integrity of competitions. He believes that EHF competitions are safe from threats owing to the federation’s resourceful and versatile approach. Sportradar has already demonstrated its ability as an efficient party in tackling threats related to undermining the fairness of contests in Brazil.

EHF and Sportradar’s Successful Partnership Continues

Hausleitner commented on the new partnership by saying that Sportradar is a trusted partner to EHF and the federation is happy to extend the collaboration for 10 years.

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Ever since the first agreement in June 2017 between EHF and Sportradar, the latter has provided a wide range of streaming and data, as well as marketing and innovative digital solutions.

The association and the supplier expanded their partnership in 2018 by signing a multi-year contract to supplement the one before. Then Sportradar and EHF also introduced new services by adding the Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System, launched in 2009.

The services’ goal was to protect the integrity of the EHF’s competitions. In 2020, the organization signed off another deal, which made Sportradar an official data partner to EHF and also EHF Marketing, which is the media division of the federation.

The managing director of Sportradar, Andreas Krannich, expressed his satisfaction regarding the agreement, which extends their partnership for 10 more years. He also stated that in the last three years the compan 7BALL y has provided EHF with intelligence and investigation services, bet monitoring, and education on potential threats and how to approach them.

Sportradar recently replaced Stats Perform as an official data and video distribution partner for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The company remains a supplier for key sporting competitions around the world, providing integrity solutions for the Indian Super League.

This comes in a context of heightened alertness about the growing threat of match-fixing across numerous sports.