Save the World in the Newest Red Tiger’s Release Judgement Day MegawaysTM

The end of the world is near. Demons await, and their dark powers are ready to take over the world – and the only thing that stays between them and the world is you. Red Tiger releases the new, eerie slot game Judgement Day MegawaysTM. Brace yourself; the great adventure begins!

Demons and eerie symbols:

Four demons, Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, are waiting in the shadows to jump on the grid and do their eerie magic. When the Seal Wilds appear on the grid, one of four demons will come and join the game. 

Every new spin adds 2 to 7 symbols to reels. There are two types of symbols. The low-paying ones are pretty ordinary, so we have clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, and stars. On the other hand, the high-paying symbols are arrows, axes, swords, skulls, and many more of them.

The demons’ dark magic can split the symbols in half, along with adding various multipliers to two out of six reels. Magically, Skull Wilds can be added to the reels. The wilds are bringing great multipliers. But there’s something more – Free 291bet Spins round awaits just around the corner. 

When the round is triggered, the player will be able to summon one of the demons to enhance the power during each free spin.

If the Seal symbol lands on the second, third, fourth, or fifth reel, the random horseman symbol will appear. Each horseman has its own modifier, which is equivalent to its type. They cause various matching wilds to appear on the reels, so the players can achieve Conquest Wild, War Wild, Famine Wild, or Death Wild. Each of them brings various awards to the players, including additional Skull Wild, slashing, multipliers of up to x7, or mixing the positions of the symbols and whole reels within the grid.

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Huge win potential and saved world:

After all the struggles and fights, if you succeed in saving the world, the maximum potential win of 100.000x the base bet awaits at the end.

If three Scatter symbols land on the reel, the player gets eight free spins. If three more scatters land during the round, the player gets four additional spins. The round includes horsemen who are bringing various awards with them.

These thrilling features, along with the eerie graphics and overall mystical atmosphere of this slot, are what make the game unique and lovable. 

Will the end of the world come? In this high-volatility slot game, everything is possible – but with the end of the world, this time, great prizes are coming.