PokerStars to Collect More Feedback from Female Poker Players

More feedback by female players can now be submitted through the Our Voices initiative hosted by PokerStars to make for a product that is better adapted to the needs and expectations of female players.

PokerStars to Spearhead Change in Female Poker 

PokerStars is sparing no effort in creating nurturing competitive environment for all poker players. Celebrating International Women’s Day and focusing on equality, the world’s leading card room is now inviting female players to join the unique female-led poker community PokerStars created for them.

“Our Voices,” as the initiative is known, will get female community members’ perspectives on an array of topics. PokerStars is not going to make the same faux pas GGPoker did in inviting Dan Bilzerian as a brand ambassador. 

Instead, PokerStars will use the Our Voices discussion to hear female players’ opinions and help the company create a product and gaming environment that is better tailored towards women. 

The platform will dig deeper in analyzin ph646 g feedback in order to create a product that is a better fit for women as well as improve on the existing experience. This is the first time PokerStars has made a centralized effort to collect more data about how female players engage with and perceive the platform.

Collecting Data over the Years to Build Fair Communities 

The company has always encouraged a pro-active approach among its community managers, who have worked tirelessly to collect varying opinions, including women players’. However, this marks the first time PokerStars is making a concentrated effort to actualize its understanding of the female poker community.

The GGPoker small mishap was a good learning experience that the game has become more liberal and more open to the fairer sex. In fairness, though, GGPoker has redoubled its efforts, and it launched a Women’s Day $10,000 poker event. Commenting on the initiative, PokerStars explained its motivation:

“We have created this space so we could listen and learn more as we know this is essential to ensuring we can bring activities and promotions that really engage and excite our female players and give you the best experience possible.”

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PokerStars confirmed that previously, the company worked in a more piecemeal approach that involved reaching out to individuals and collating their opinion, drawing feedback this way. 

Now, PokerStars is happy to allow more women to get involved and pile on their feedback in a single spot so that the company can respond quickly to it. “We are committed to improving,” PokerStars said in the statement.