PartyPoker May Launch in Nevada Soon

Members of the poker community are speculating that PartyPoker will launch in Nevada soon.

Will PartyPoker Go Live In Nevada?

Last year, PartyPoker’s parent company GVC was given the go-ahead to launch online poker in Nevada but the brand held off – until now. It seems as though PartyPoker is now making plans to enter Nevada’s online poker market, after an email from BetMGM tipped customers off.

The email was made public by a customer named Kevin Mathers, who stated on Twitter that there may be some “hot news coming from PartyPoker in the US”. In the screenshotted email, it was  noted that players would be able to qualify for a “PartyPoker US Network $250K Freeroll”.

The term “US Network” is what has players talking. Since PartyPo lodislot ker currently only operates in New Jersey, it’s interesting that BetMGM would use a phrase that refers to the United States as a whole. This implies that multiple states will be involved in the network.

It hasn’t been difficult for players to p out whichstates will be included in the US Network from PartyPoker. While West Virginiaand Michigan have both legalized online poker, licenses have yet to be handed out– so, they can be crossed off the list of potential states. In Pennsylvania,GVC’s license has yet to be finalized, which rules that state out as well. So,that leaves Nevada – especially since GVC has already obtained approval foroperate within the state.

There’s No Rush, Though

While the online poker community is very excited about the possibility of PartyPoker expanding its US operations to Nevada, it doesn’t seem like it is going to be happening imminently. According to Adam Greenblatt, CEO of PartyPoker’s US parent company Roar Digital, heading to Nevada isn’t a short term priority.

It seems as though he’s worried about Nevada not being ableto generate significant profits for the brand. In New Jersey, The Borgata (whichis partnered with PartyPoker) generated only $400,000 in revenue for the year.So, there are likely concerns that PartyPoker will expand in Nevada but fail toattract the kind of audience that would bring in generous revenue.

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As a result, PartyPoker’s entry into Nevada’s poker market will continue to be the subject of speculation in the gaming community. No solid statements have been made, so players are still unsure whether or not the popular online poker brand will be expanding across the United States – but, they will remain hopeful.