NSW Introduces Slot Betting Limit, Culls Machine Numbers

According to the latest information publicized by the government, the number of poker machine entitlements in the state will fall by at least 3,000. This will see tho riches777 usands of gambling machines gone along with a new cash-in limit on new machines introduced.

Restricting the Maximum Betting Limit for Pokies

The cash limit sits at around $340 (AU$500) right now, and it’s part of a broader effort to ensure that consumers do not suffer from gambling harm. The measure is also designed to tackle money laundering, which has been reported as a serious problem in New South Wales, with pubs and gaming clubs turned abused by criminals.

The NSW has also had to deal with an interruption of its cashless gaming trial after it transpired that a cyberattack had been able to compromise the personal data of about 40 customers.

These changes are significant and they will be kicking in from July 1, with the betting limit on slot machines reduced from the previously $3,340 (AU$5,000). The NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) has outlined these changes as part of its official gambling framework and regulation, backed by the government.

NSW minister for gaming and racing David Harris welcomed the change and said that the government had promised consumers a safer gaming sector, and this was exactly what was happening as of right now. He said:

One of these commitments was to reduce the number of poker machines in this state – and this is an important step forward.

NSW minister for gaming and racing David Harris

Harris reminded that despite the sweeping reforms, the government was not in fact trying to undermine gambling businesses. That is why, the minister confirmed that the government would continue to actively engage with the industry and ensure that any sweeping reforms are at least run by stakeholders to advise on the best course of action.

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The news was not too well-received on both ends – on the one hand, there are gambling hawks, and on the other – gambling doves.

Consumers First, But the Industry Needs to Be Consulted

Criticism of the new plan quickly followed. One particular issue the anti-gambling camp has taken with the government is the delay of a promised cashless gaming trial which will most likely have to be deferred by an unspecified time.

This, opponents have said, is proof that the “gambling lobby” has a powerful clout in politics and that it remains to call the daily order.

Harris has refused any such insinuations, arguing that the government was moving coherently forward and ensuring that any changes enacted would be to the benefit of consumers. The NSW and its regulator recently swept on venues and took issue with venues offering ATMs that dispensed money on credit.