Hawaiian Walks Out of Vegas $1m Richer on St Patrick’s Day

Photo Credit: KTNTV.com

A Hawaiian tourist left Las Vegas over $1 million richer after he landed the Monopoly Millionaire jackpot. If fortune favors the brave, then this Hawaiian tourist definitely had Dame Fortune smile on him.

Hawaiian Tourist Hits the Big Monopoly Millionaire Jackpot in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an oasis of endless fun. Tossed out in the middle of the Nevada’s deserts, going to this haven of entertainment definitely has its appeal.

With its hundreds of casinos and billions worth of cash dollar changing hands year in and year out, Las Vegas tempts travelers from afar. This was the case with an unnamed Hawaiian tourist who came to Las Vegas hoping to find bit of fun, but left it over $1 million richer.

The unnamed lucky devil managed to hit $1,029,529.13 playing Monopoly Millionaire’s jackpot in a single evening, landing what can very well be a life-changing amount.

A Million Dollars for St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas

The unknown player was at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, enjoying himself for St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish holiday that has found its way into the American mainstream.

When fortune struck, Plaza Hotel & Casino hurried up to spread the news. The news found a live of its own spreading across social media with people actively commenting and sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and cracking, of course, the occasional joke.

Over $1mm jackpot just hit on Monopoly @PlazaLasVegas someone’s got the luck of the 🇮🇪 ☘️ going to be a good #StPaddysDay for one luck guest @PlazaLasVegas

— Jonathan Jossel (@JonathanJossel) March 17, 2019

Partly because of the festivities of the season and party because wining a big pot of cash is usually accompanied by a lot of cheering, people seemed to receive the news well. Also, many had found confirmation that good things happen on special occasions, such as St Patrick’s Day, too.

Admittedly, St Patrick’s Day is hardly the reason why the lucky Hawaiian visitor won. Nor are many Americans head-over-heels for the boisterous holiday, but the fact remains that more people will associate this strange overseas day with something special.

In the case of the Hawaiian visitor, there’s little doubt that they will remember St. Patrick’s Day quite fondly.

Las Vegas Continues to Disburse the Biggest Jackpots in History

Las Vegas has granted many a lucky soul jackpots in the past and that’s not a coincidence either. Elmer Sherwin hit a decent $4.6 million jackpot at the Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Megabucks slot, hardly believing his luck.

John Tippin, another soul passing by, also decided that the Megabucks slot was a tempting offer and he was soon proven right with $12 million heading his way. The list of winner 7BALL s goes on.

Of course, not everyone will have quite the same luck as the well-documented cases of a handful of people.

And yet, for that Hawaiian visitor, the sun shined a little brighter on that day.

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