GamCare and YGAM’s Education Program Expected to Reach 2M Young People

Educational programs offered by the independent charity that supports people affected by gambling harm, GamCare, together with YGAM, the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust, are already showing positive changes, a new report reveals.

YGAM and GamCare Train 24,000 Professionals

GamCare joined forces with YGAM to provide invaluable training for teachers and youth workers. Overall, the duo has now trained more than 24,000 professionals that now understand the signs of problem gambling and can help young people who may be impacted by problem gambling.

In their latest report, YGAM and GamCare noted that their Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Program is expected to reach an estimated 2 million young people. So far, the program has reached more than 48,000 young people, but that number is expected to grow significantly, considering that 10,000 teachers have received training.

Citing collected data, YGAM said that 99% of the youth workers such as teachers and other delegates that have received training can now confidently spot signs of problem gambling. Additionally, 97% of the people that received training admitted feeling confident to approach young people and discuss the topic.

Similarly, 97% of the delegates that participated in the training “could signpost and support young people if they have concerns,” YGAM reveals. Finally, 97% of the delegates that participated in the training admitted to better understanding the impact of gambling harm on young people.

Education about the Risks of Gambling Is Important

GamCare’s senior manager, Alexa Roseblade, deemed education an inseparable part when it comes to dealing with gambling harm. She added that all young people in the UK should go to at least one education session. This, according to Roseblade will help the youth “make informed choices about their participation in gambling.”

“Alongside YGAM, we passionately believe that education on the risks associated with gambling is an essential part of tackling gambling-related harms, and that every young person in the UK should receive at least one education session on it.“

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Alexa Roseblade, senior manager at GamCare

Kyle Riding, YGAM’s head of the national education program, added that training so many professionals marks a milestone moment for the program. He added that the program includes not only teachers but youth leaders and other individuals riches777 that may help young people by raising awareness and providing support. Finally, Riding said: “There continues to be huge interest and demand for the training and resources and I’m confident we will continue to achieve our objectives to effectively safeguard and support millions of young people.”