Esportes da Sorte Inks Historic Sponsorship Deal with Brazil’s Goiás Esporte

To date, this is the most important sponsorship agreement in the team’s history. It will cover the 2023 season and will allow the 2018-based betting operator considered one of the most reliable and stable companies in the industry to have its brand elements appear on the club’s equipment. What else will the new deal bring to the two parties? Let’s find out! 

Special Activations, Special Media and Interview Coverage 

The company that called 2023 “the year of the people” and expressed its eagerness to go “all over the future” will also enjoy additional exposure on interview backdrops as part of the terms of the agreement. At the same time, Esportes da Sorte will be present on the soccer club’s official social media channels while collaborating with the club on a number of special activations that will be revealed during 2023.

Goiás Esporte Clube’s marketing director Tiago Pinheiro spoke about the reconstruction efforts that have been put into the club since 2021, mentioning the “important results” produced by their work. Pinheiro added that the Goiás brand managed to regain its prestige and prove its value once more, making it more desirable and eligible for greater sponsorship deals. 

Pinhero also explained that by welcoming Esportes da Sortes to its roster of partners, the club will be crowning its journey while opening a fresh and “historic” chapter. The new partnership with Esportes da Sorte will help the soccer club benefit from the financial support it needs to grow throughout the year. 

The Operator Is Expanding Its Activities in Sports and Entertainment&nbsp lodivip ;

Esportes da Sorte’s chief executive Darwin Filho explained that the company was ready to expand its activities and reach new verticals like sports and entertainment. Filho called Goiás a “traditional club” that owns a “strong, recognized brand” while describing its supporters as passionate, further arguing why the new partnership was inked. 

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Goiás Esporte Clube’s took it to Twitter to speak about Esportes da Sortes’ proposition based on bringing accessible, diverse, and quality entertainment to the largest number of people, calling the operator “the largest sports betting site in Brazil”.

The Brazilian sports club is popular for its association soccer team based in Goiânia, which is the capital city of the Goiás state. The team won Brazilian’s second tier Série B two times and its record also includes 28 Campeonato Goiano and three Copa Centro-Oeste titles. The team has been a constant presence in the premiere Brazilian league Série A and it has also been promoted to Latin America’s Copa Libertadores twice and South America’s Copa Sudamericana six times.

The gambling and sports betting markets in the country were supposed to be given the green light with sports betting available in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, the latest changes in Brazil’s politics led to a new dial-down of the process.