Dota 2 Tournament TI10 Breaks New Prize Pool Records Exceeding $34M

With the help of Valve player crowdfunding, The International 10 (TI10) has exceeded the $34 million prize pool record held by its predecessor, making it the most rewarding individual tournament in Dota 2 as well as the l ph646 argest prize pool in the history of any single global esports tournament.

On the table below, we can see that aside from Fornite, the Dota 2 International tournaments are dominating the prize pool records and continue to do so year on year. This is huge for the esports industry as a whole and shows the potential that games have as a mainstream entertainment avenue vs traditional sports.

Top 10 List of Esports Tournaments With the Largest Overall Prize Pools

TournamentPrize PoolThe International 10$34.3 million (and rising)The International 9$34.3 millionFortnite World Cup Finals 2019$30.4 millionThe International 8$25.5 millionThe International 7$24.6 millionThe International 6$20.4 millionThe International 5$18.4 millionThe International 4$10.9 millionLeague of Legends World Championship (2018)$6.4 millionLeague of Legends World Championship (2016)$5 million

BEHOLD! #TIMoments #TI2016

— DOTA 2 (@DOTA2) August 27, 2020

Valve continues to share their favorite #TIMoments – EHOME vs Evil Geniuses (2016)Battle Pass Player Crowdfunding Contribution

Valve provided a base prize of $1.6 million and the rest of the sum was contributed in the form of micro-transactions from their player base which totals to more than $32.7 million, according to 25% of all purchases associated with The International Battle Pass has greatly assisted the steady growth of this monstrous prize pool.

To celebrate the TI10 prize pool becoming the largest in the history of esports, Valve awards 10,000 Battle Points to Battle Pass owners, which is equivalent to 10 levels. So if you have a Battle Pass and have contributed to the prize pool this year, Valve has not left you standing empty-handed.

Still No Definitive Dates Set for TI10

Since the initial announcement that TI10 was to be delayed due to COVID-19, there have still been no definitive answers as to when the tournament will take place. Valve recently released a tweet to confirm that they “can’t yet commit to new dates for TI10 and the DPC” due to the unpredictability of the pandemic.

In following how the pandemic has been developing globally, the recent increase in the unpredictability of COVID-19 means we can’t yet commit to new dates for TI10 and the DPC. We share your eagerness in returning to these events, and will announce updates as soon as we can.

— DOTA 2 (@DOTA2) August 25, 2020

As we wait for any news on the updated schedule, it is predicted that the TI10 prize pool will continue to grow as The International Battle Pass is still open for purchase until 19th September.

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