Abios Partners With Clarion Gaming to Produce Educational Content

London-based event organizer Clarion Gaming will be working together with Stockholm-based esports data and statistics provider Abios. The latter will support the esports sections of Clarion’s brands iGaming Business and ICE365.com. Furthermore, Abios will produce necessary teaching materials about gambling in competitive gaming, the inner integrity of esports, and the issues of fraudulent practices such as match-fixing.

Clarion and Abios to Make Esports Betting More Appealing

William Harding, head of esports at Clarion Gaming, explained that the growing interest in esports increases the need to provide high-quality education on the gambling ecosystem in video gaming. Harding wants to give the company’s stakeholders all the tools needed to explore the business opportunities offered by esports betting.

Harding is assured that Abios is a powerful ally to this end. The esports data company’s expertise with esports gambling as well as its software solutions and services will be invaluable assets. Clarion’s head of esports is sure that Abios’ profound knowledge will make the iGaming Business and ICE365.com more worthwhile as well as increase the quality of the company’s live events.

Harding considers Abios to be a perfect partner to Clarion Gaming

Oskar Froberg, CEO of Abios, is just as delighted to join Clarion Gaming in collaboration. He considers their endeavors to be admirable and insightful. According to Froberg, ICE is the most recognized exhibition in the industry.

Froberg considers the partnership to be exciting and is looking forward to working together with Clarion Gaming and enriching the ICE365 and iGaming Business content.

Clarion’s Strategic Moves After ICE’s Postponement

ICE 2021 had to sadly be rescheduled for 2022 amid COVID-19 concerns. The decision was well-received by the company’s stakeholders, who considered it to be “the right call.”

However, Clarion Gaming hasn’t been inactive and has been expanding in other directions. The company just scored another strategic partnership with Esports Charts. The collaboration between the two will lead to the creation of an esports betting calendar. It will detail all esports tournaments in the near future and will make them much easier to track for a lg777 ll betting enthusiasts. The calendar is expected to make esports even more popular and accessible.

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Collaborations like the ones with Abios and Esports Charts are more important than ever – according to analysts, the pandemic has propelled esports betting 2-3 years forward. Therefore there is no better time to act. All initiatives now, especially informative ones like Abios’ input in iGB and ICE and Esports Charts’ calendar, can help present esports as a healthy and reliable betting alternative to all gambling lovers.